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July 22, 2020 - 10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT | 5 pm GMT


10:00 am - 10:10 am
Opening words
Amiram Shachar, CEO & Co-founder, Spot
10:10 am - 10:40 am
Introducing KUDO, Kubernetes Operators the Easy Way
Joel Jacobson, Solutions Engineering Manager, EMEA, D2IQ

Kubernetes Operators are the next phase of the journey towards automating complex applications in containers. The Kudo project introduces an easy way to build Kubernetes operators using declarative YAML. Many Operators that exist today handle initial deployment, but they don’t provide automation for tasks like binary upgrades, configuration updates, and failure recovery. Implementing a production-grade controller for a complex workload typically requires thousands of lines of code and many months of development. As a result, the quality of operators that are available today varies. The Kudo project provides a universal operator to enable automated creation of operators for Kubernetes, in most cases just using YAML. In this talk, I’ll introduce the Kudo project, and demo the creation of a Kubernetes operator using Kudo.

10:40 am - 11:10 am
Friendly Monitoring: Keeping the Noise Down
Quintessence Anx, Developer Advocate, PagerDuty

The ability to monitor infrastructure has been exploding with new tools on the market and new integrations, so the tools can speak to one another, leading to even more tools, and to a hypothetically very loud monitoring environment with various members of the engineering team finding themselves muting channels, individual alerts, or even alert sources so they can focus long enough to complete other tasks. There has to be a better way - a way to configure comprehensive alerts that send out notifications with the appropriate level of urgency to the appropriate persons at the appropriate time. And in fact there is: during this talk I’ll be walking through different alert patterns and discussing: what we need to know, who needs to know it, as well as how soon and how often do they need to know.

11:10 am - 11:40 am
Your container infrastructure. Hands-free, secure, and highly affordable.
Joey Yep, Solutions Architects, Spot

With containerization having become the golden standard in application development, making sure your supporting infrastructure is keeping up and delivering what your workloads need, securely and affordably, has become a core focus in cloud management circles.

Join Joey Yep, a Solution Architect at Spot as he reviews the challenges in managing, optimizing and securing your IaaS layer for containerized workloads.

11:40 am - 12:10 pm
Kubernetes Security - Defence in Depth
Ashley Ward, Cloud CTO at Palo Alto Networks

In this short demonstration we will run through the layers of security that you should consider when deploying into Kubernetes. The application, the orchestrator, the infrastructure, and then we will touch on the wider security concepts. Protecting those areas under an organisation's control and calling out the need to be mindful of those areas outside of an organisation's control.

12:10 pm - 12:40 pm
Infrastructure Guardrails with HashiCorp Terraform
Gideon Wulfsohn, Senior Solutions Engineer, Hashicorp

Who can forget the moment they realized they could deploy mission critical resources within data centers that are secured by the best and brightest? Simply put, deploying infrastructure has gotten easier and easier in a variety of ways. That said, there are many overlooked steps that go into making the adoption of dynamic compute enjoyable for organizations both large and small. Creating policies that mitigate common error, controlling cost, and maintaining a searchable audit trail are all critical steps to the success of any product launch. This session will introduce a fresh set of methods that go against the pitfalls that engineering teams often fall for when building out their applications.

12:40 pm - 13:10 pm
20 years of CI in 20 minutes
Parker Ennis, Senior product marketing manager, CI/CD, Gitlab

Learn how continuous integration is paramount to effective and efficient software delivery. Continuous integration isn't new. It's evolved from first being coined as a term in 1994 by Grady Booch, to Martin Fowler/Thoughtworks promoting CI as a practice critical to any software development process in the 2000s, to the world of DevOps and CI/CD today. Come see how the growth of CI has impacted modern software development, why it's so important for businesses, and what it means for their ability to react, and adapt, to a rapidly changing software development landscape.



best practices, processes and tools for CI/CD, cost management, and security in the cloud, typically practiced by DevOps, IT and Software Engineering professional.


uintessence Anx

Quintessence Anx

Developer Advocate

Joey Yep

Joey Yep

Solutions Architect

Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward

Cloud CTO
Palo Alto Networks

Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis

Senior Director of Community
and Evangelism at D2IQ

Amiram Shachar

Amiram Shachar

CEO & Co- founder

Jon Myer

Jon Myer

Partner Solutions Architect

Gideon Wulfsohn

Gideon Wulfsohn

Senior Solutions Engineer

Parker Ennis

Parker Ennis

Senior product marketing manager, CI/CD

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