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June 10th, 2020 - 10am PT


10:00 - 10:15
Opening words
Jeff Barr, VP & Chief Evangelist, AWS
10:15 - 10:45
Shift-left with Security Automation
Tsion (TJ) Gonen, Head of Cloud Product Line, Check Point
Containers and serverless represent the new generations of computing platforms that are rapidly replacing traditional servers and virtual machines. This is true for both on-prem as well as cloud-native deployments. In this session, we’ll explore the new security challenges, and opportunities, these environments bring, as well as strategies to build security into CI/CD allowing you to keep up with the speed of DevOps.
10:45 - 11:15
Unlock innovation without unlocking Opex growth
Steve Evans, VP Engineering Services, Chegg
In this session, Steve Evans will share how Chegg transformed the way their company builds online services. Empowering Engineering through the DevOps process, unlocking innovation and scale with microservices on Amazon ECS, and partnering with to support the business with sustainable Opex growth.
11:15 - 11:45
Single Pane of Glass: Unifying the Facets of Observability
H. "Waldo" Grunenwald, Evangelist, Datadog

The expanding complexity of our application ecosystems means that our environments require more tools - and more advanced tools - in order to observe them properly. The right tooling will help you to track down the causes of problems, or better yet, prevent them proactively. Different components will require different observability needs. When you have different needs, you may experience challenges of teaching different types of tools to your staff, and of pulling information together in order to make sense of it.

It may be helpful to have a framework for thinking about the kinds of information that you will need, and a common set of tools for sorting and filtering that info, so that you don’t need to teach a wide variety of interfaces. During my session, I will discuss frameworks for considering the information you need, ways of abstracting this information so that it's more digestible, and how teams can make decisions based on the same information.

11:45 - 12:15
The DevSecOps metadata factory: Where developers, operations AND security meet
Patrick Debois, Director of DevOps Relations/Advisor, Snyk

The modern continuous delivery pipeline has improved the speed of adding new features while at the same time improving the stability of production systems. This has been achieved by collaborating closer together and automating the hell out of the process.

While building, testing and delivering the artifacts, we are increasingly producing and consuming metadata at various points in the life cycle. Real-world examples range from the libraries we use to build the app, the conversations we have during building, the dynamic runtime decisions in service discovery, and finally into operational problem-solving.

This talk is about how we can use this metadata to our advantage to improve security of modern cloud native applications. By sharing the metadata across the traditional silos, companies can build a stronger security posture. Imagine: Operations would have access to all information about the artifacts running in production, developers could see what code is being exploited and security would instantly be able to assess the current risk.

12:15 - 12:45
How Successful Companies Backup their Data, Workloads and Apps while Saving Costs
Sebastian Straub, Principal Solutions Architect, N2WS
Anthony Fiore, Storage Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

After the tricky journey of cloud migration and finally getting your production environment up and running in AWS, the next step is figuring out how to never sit waiting for data recovery. Protecting your business's continuity is crucial and enterprises who successfully back up their data on the cloud know that downtime due to human error, bugs, weather, and malicious attacks will occur no matter how adequate we think our data protection is.

How do we simplify the DR process, have confidence in our drills and adhere to compliance requirements while keeping our budget in check?

We'll provide simple steps so you can make sure your organization is resilient and your data is highly available, knowing you will never wait for a restore. Our experts will drill into the fineries of data lifecycle management in AWS, as well as highlight the high performance and lower storage costs of backup offerings for your data and workloads.

12:45 - 13:15
Live panel hosted by Jon Myer

Prepare to be amazed!

Gideon Livnah, comedian and mentalist, will join us throughout the event to present hilarious mind reading stunts that will make you believe in ’The Virtually Impossible!



best practices, processes and tools for CI/CD, cost management, and security in the cloud, typically practiced by DevOps, IT and Software Engineering professional.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

VP & Chief Evangelist

H. 'Waldo' Grunenwald

H. "Waldo" Grunenwald


Patrick Debois

Patrick Debois

Director of DevOps Relations/Advisor

Steve Evans

Steve Evans

Vice President, Engineering Services
Chegg Inc.

Jon Myer

Jon Myer

Partner Solutions Architect

Tsion (TJ) Gonen

Tsion (TJ) Gonen

Head of Cloud Product Line
Check Point

Sebastian Straub

Sebastian Straub

Principal Solutions Architect

Anthony Fiore

Anthony Fiore

Storage Partner Solutions Architect

Anna Tsibulskaya

Anna Tsibulskaya

Infrastructure and Security Engineer

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  • Datadog
  • Amazon AWS
  • Snyk
  • Check Point
  • n2ws
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